Astronomy PowerPoints

While running a school astronomy club called 'The Dark Side', I made 29 PowerPoints to teach aspects of astronomy. However, I included images from the Internet without reference or checking copyright. I am going through the PowerPoints replacing the images.

These PowerPoints might be useful for teaching. The 29 are listed below. Those which I have updated are hyperlinked and can be downloaded. The rest will be made available as I finish replacing the images.

They are ordered in a suitable teaching sequence, more basic ones in the left column, more advanced ones in the right column.

Download the files and open them in PowerPoint.

Link to M1 Maths    

Introduction to the Universe

Things that hit the Earth

What the Universe is made of

The Night Sky



The Solar System


History and Future of the Universe

The Sun

Lives of Stars

History of the Earth

4 percent of the Universe

96 percent of the Universe

Sub-atomic Particles

Quantum Theory

Position in the Sky


The Moon

Eclipses (incomplete)


The Big Bang

Inter-stellar Medium

History of Astronomy

Black Holes

Geology of the Earth

The Big Bang

Special Relativity

Gravity and General Relativity